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Sign Focus is Auckland’s number one provider for signage that’s worth being seen. If you’re looking for simple and understated advertising or marketing that is technically challenging, we’ll make any signage project a reality. Your brand’s ideas will come to life on our high quality signagebanners and billboards. We are here to make your marketing campaign a success.

When you are looking for bannersneon signs, commercial signs, parking signs or real estate corflute signs, we will provide you with innovative signage solutions that get your business noticed. We keep you involved in every step of the process, from design to manufacture and installation. Sign Focus provides services that goes beyond the norm to produce powerful results.

Sign Focus are Auckland’s signage experts. We combine cutting edge technology with our highly talented creative team of sign writers to make your brand stand out amongst the rest. Our professionals are here to help you with your company rebranding makeover or when you need to start a brand new business. We maximize the budget you have available to provide the quality signage that meets your needs.

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Signage designed to meet your business requirements

Sign Focus is your one stop solution to powerful signage and banners in Auckland. Our motto? “Fabricate, applicate, install, exhibit”. On a time crunch? Even on short notice we will produce effective, comprehensive signage that carries your business branding.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and marketing strategy. With one of our well-coordinated signage programs in Auckland you can take your business to new heights and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Whatever image you would like to project, we can consult with you to work out the perfect fit. Don’t know what material, style or colours you should use, or how large your sign should be? No problem. We can manage your project from beginning to end.

Experience the benefits of signage yourself

The right graphic treatment from Sign Focus will enhance your business’ sales and revenue while transforming your marketing efforts. Your strategically placed banner or billboard will reach thousands in Auckland every day and provide around the clock advertising exposure.

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Sign Focus is a New Zealand sign writing and billboard advertising company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality vehicle signage, billboards, 3D promotional displays and illuminated signs.

We are a company who has a fresh perspective on advertising and highly experienced personnel.  In the last few years, sign writing technology has evolved profoundly.  Computer and digital printing are becoming increasingly popular.  We are continuously expanding our skills to meet the demands of these modern advances and produce outstanding signs. Our team of creative and innovative sign writers combine traditional sign writing methods with modern computer techniques and machine technology.

More than just a sign writing company

Our pride as a company can be seen with our commitment to high standards in versatility and flexibility. Sign Focus is here to respond quickly to our client’s needs at a price that is reasonable to provide them quality signage.

We love what we do and have fun going to work for you! We are a group of enthused people with a passion for signage and we enjoy the hard work required to look far beyond the traditional scope of sign writing and billboard advertising.

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Why Sign Focus?

Technologically has made the world a much smaller place which is diversifying what company’s signage needs are. Now more than ever society is becoming highly stimulated through visual input. Innovative and quality signage are essential to a company’s success. Business owners can no longer ignore the benefits that well-executed signs and billboards will bring to their advertising efforts.

Sign Focus is more than just a sign writing company.  We are signage pioneers that bring years of industry experience that allows us to understand the importance of signage and billboards for New Zealand and international businesses alike. We strive for innovation while constantly investigating new and creative ways to produce visually appealing signage that leaves long-lasting impressions.

We value the financial commitment you make with us, and in return we are 100% committed to you.  We work extremely hard and within tight deadlines to generate solutions that are well-worth seeing.  As our company’s name implies – at Sign Focus the focus is entirely on you and on meeting your individual requirements.

Sign Focus is here to help you grow your business by means of high quality, fresh signage and billboard designs that fulfil your specifications. We are the sign writing company that will provide quality for any budget.

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