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Design Services & Branding

Reinvigorate your branding with visually appealing signage

Our goal is to deliver unique and creative signage solutions that exceed client expectations. We are driven to be original and responsive to our client’s needs. Our creative professionals can reinvigorate established brands as well as create new ones. Good design is the key to strong product branding.

We provide custom design services for your signage and branding and take into consideration important factors such as sign visibility, readability, surroundings, and the overall image that your signs will project.

Before we go into production, we get your seal of approval on all artwork. We design, fabricate and install signage that suits your budget.  For Sign Focus, there is no job too big or too small.

In-Depth Conceptualization

We value communication and teamwork as much as you do.  Before you embark on a project with us, we will get to know you and find out exactly what it is you have in mind.

Project Management and Design

You can bring us a sketch and we’ll work from that or we can help you with your signage project from start to finish.  From readability to effective placement – we will coordinate and execute a sign or billboard that reinforces your branding and projects the image you have in mind.


Successful branding is about more than just taking a sign and sticking it on a wall.  At Sign Focus, we fabricate what we design, staying on top of each and every part of the process to ensure an outcome that exceeds our client’s expectations.


When we say we execute your individual signage and branding projects from start to finish, we mean it. Only the industry’s highest quality professionals carry out and handle our projects – providing you with peace of mind you can’t get any where else.


We have spent years fostering close relationships with manufacturers, advertising companies, and other businesses all over New Zealand. By working with us, your company will benefit greatly from our vast network in the advertising industry.

For top-of-the-line signage and branding, contact us today.