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Internal & External Signage

Functional internal signage

We specialize in the creation of attractive as well as functional internal signage systems, designed to leave a lasting impression. From reception through to back office, we can assist in the planning of a coordinated internal signage system to provide a welcoming environment that projects a highly professional image.

Well appointed, quality interior signage systems create the right impression on customers, clients and visitors, whether the signs are purely functional or making a statement about the nature of your business. Directional internal signage systems allow you to create individual signs in a range of sizes and configurations. By using the same component “theme” throughout, it is possible to carry your brand identity smoothly around the entire location.

We use the following system for internal signage:


We use 4 mm thick Alucobond because it is light, easy to work with, hardy background, tidy edge when exposed, can be glued, screwed, hung simply, is reusable and can be double sided if required. Flat panels show slight 3D effect.  We can also source Alucobond-Eco. This product is for the environmentally conscious organisation.

Graphics or Digital Print:

7 year life self adhesive vinyl. Colours and fonts can be standardized for recognition, consistency and ease of use.


Hung from ceiling – using suspended cable systems
Door panels – double sided tape to door
Walls – i.e. directory sign – folded edges 40 mm and pressed over timber strapping affixed to wall with holding screws. No fixings to face. Mounted on spacers.


Can be removed and replaced for text changes if required. Easily cleaned, long life, cost effective, versatile.

Typically internal signage for way finding would be individually designed to your specific requirements.  Consistency for wayfinding is obtained when used in conjunction with our external and parking signage options that have been designed in house to meet your architecture and your branding requirements.

Honours Boards

We offer sign written gold leaf or self-adhesive vinyl lettering honours boards.

Menu Boards

For a cafe or take-away food shop that offers walk-up counter service, a colorful easy-to-read, menu system will attract attention and can be a very strong sales tool.

We offer a flexible signage solution to cater for the differing needs of our customers. The artistic and creative feel of chalkboard menu systems with colorful artwork suits some shops, while others prefer to go with a more corporate look, utilizing self-adhesive computer-cut vinyl lettering.

We can design a menu system with self-adhesive lettering, we can easily remove and replace items as needed. This cannot be achieved with a digitally printed sign, as the whole sign panel is printed as one, resulting in an expensive exercise to change just a few items or prices.

Some of our customers require a system where they can hand write a “special” either in chalk or with a white-board marker and we can easily design these features into your sign if need be.