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Window Graphics

When glass is etched properly, it can create visually stunning signage that catches everyone’s eye. When a company or business decides to use this form signage it adds an air of prestige. Sign Focus can design these types of window graphics to your specific requirements.  We supply the following:

Etched windows – frosted glass – Window advertising – Window branding – Window graphics – Window promotions – Window safety film – Window signage – Window signs – Window tinting

  • Digital printed self-adhesive vinyl stickers fit the inside or outside of the window
  • Single colour up to full colour
  • Clear or coloured background
  • Supplied ready to fit with fitting instructions, but suggested to use a professional

Etched Window Graphics

Etched glass graphics provide the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Etched glass graphics provide the look of sandblasted glass, add elegance to any decor and enhance the beauty of your shop or office.

Digitally Printed Window Graphics

We can print onto optically clear film or vinyl and install in situ. We can easily and quickly make your images appear part of the glass. We can apply your designs across an entire building or just in sections. The options are endless.  As the use of flat glass within the commercial, retail and domestic markets is increasing, now is a good opportunity to use this space for your advertising message, or just to brighten up the area with colorful window murals and graphics

Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted window film adds a real touch of class to any office or workplace. Whether you’re seeking a sharp new look for a commercial office or you work from home, our frosted window film gives a smooth, professional finish to any glass panel or window.  Using frosted vinyl on glass and windows gives the effect of traditional etching. Combining a selection of vinyls can create subtle and interesting advertising effects that can be timeless or contemporary.

Frosted window film offers a refreshing contemporary alternative to blinds and net curtains. An elegant solution to privacy problems in your home, our patterned decorative window film is also sufficiently versatile and attractive to be used purely as a design feature in its own right.

The window frosting film can be easily applied to practically any smooth glass surface so, whether you’re looking to revamp a tired old mirror, glass-topped table or glass cupboard door, our decorative window film is an original and exciting option.